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Cyclamen Details
Alpine Aster Details
Alpine Aster
Dutch crocus Details
Dutch crocus
Japanese Anemone Details
Japanese Anemone
Tulip Details
Bird's Eye P... Details
Bird's Eye Primrose
Martagon-lily Details
Glory of the Snow Details
Glory of the Snow
Cranesbill Details
African Violet Details
African Violet
Spotted Dead... Details
Spotted Dead-nettle
Chaste Weed Details
Chaste Weed, Dwarf Everlast, Everlasting, Everlasting Daisy, Eve
Ox-eye. Ox-e... Details
Ox-eye. Ox-eye Daisy
Marsh gladiolus Details
Marsh gladiolus
Lesser Butte... Details
Lesser Butterfly-orchid
Campion Details
Fringed Pink Details
Fringed Pink
Fringed Pink Details
Fringed Pink
White water-lily Details
White water-lily
Charlock Details
Alyssum Montanum Details
Alyssum Montanum

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