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We are one of the worlds largest digital RM nature image archive.

Make use of our images as a licence in high-resolution quality.

Contact us for detailed information to successfully design your projects.


The breathtaking biodiversity of the Central European flora.


A selection of the most exciting mammal species in Europe and worldwide.


More than 580 fascinating drawings of native and exotic birds.


A cross-section of the great diversity of the Central European insect world.


A selection of the most interesting Central European mushroom species.

Fish, reptiles and amphibians

31 drawings of the most impressive fish species


An insight into 162 of the most magnificent and common minerals.


Many well-known artists have drawn for the publisher. Here is a selection...

Wilhelm Eigner (1904 – 1982)

Before the Second World War, he worked in a Hamburg print shop as chief draftsman for circus and artist posters. Later, he increasingly devoted himself to animal painting and eventually became one of the best-known German animal painters and illustrators from the 1950s.

Biography and drawings



Ludwig Binder (1911 – 1978)

Ludwig Binder was an academic painter and graphic artist. His life was determined by his artistic talent and his interest in nature. After two semesters at the art school in Nuremberg, he moved up to the master class of Prof. Selzer.

Biography and drawing

Franz Murr (1887 – 1964)

He was considered an introverted and quiet man, was a painter and possessed exceptional skills in the field of scientific illustration. He produced many works for the Kronen publishing house.

Biography and drawings

Claus Caspari (1911 – 1980)

His serene, lifelike style earned him many admirers and the opportunity for several exhibitions. Among them in the prestigious Hunt Botanical Library in Pittsburgh in 1972.

Biography and drawings